The World’s First Wristwatch With Built-in GPS


casio-gps-watchSmartwatches have been promising to be the next big thing in tech for a few years now, and while we wait for that to happen, let’s take a look back at 1999 when Casio announced the world’s first wristwatch with a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) at CES Las Vegas.

The screen displayed a crude map of the position of the watch and had 10 hours of battery life during continuous use.

The Casio Global Positioning System watch picked up transmissions from 27 GPS satellites developed by the United States. The actual product was released in June 1999 under the nickname Satellite Navi and was the top model of Casio’s outdoor watch series, Protrek

Wearable device allows typing by tapping fingers

wearable tech.jpg
Israeli startup Tap Systems has developed ‘Tap Strap’, a foam strap that lets users type by tapping fingers. Controlled through an app, the bluetooth-connected strap translates 31 different kinds of finger tapping into various text inputs and claims 99% accuracy. While each finger is considered as a vowel, and combinations of fingers make up the other letters and symbols.

Doppio: A Smartwatch With Rearrangeable Screens

doppio smartwatchResearchers have developed a prototype of a smartwatch, called Doppio, with two touch-sensitive display faces.
Doppio is a reconfigurable smartwatch with dual touchscreens, one of which detaches from the wrist-bound screen and can be stuck above or to the side.
“The orientation of the top relative to the base and how the top is attached to the base create a very large interaction space,” said Xing-Dong Yang, an assistant professor of computer science at Dartmouth College in the US. Continue reading “Doppio: A Smartwatch With Rearrangeable Screens”